There are many reasons why our growth has been so phenomenal and our customer base so loyal, here are just a few...

Quick turn-around times and quick deliveries

We meet deadlines, be it for construction hire or customer sales and repairs.

We supply onsite field repair or machine exchange service. In the case of breakdowns, you can phone the relevant outlet or whatsapp your personalized group.

The latest, highly comprehensive rental system, custom-designed for our industry means statements and invoices are generated quickly and accurately, translating into better budgeting and correct creditor information for our valued customers.

Data accuracy ensures the right preventative maintenance is carried out on machines at the right times resulting in fewer breakdowns and better reliability. Systems are in place for strict quality control and repaired machines are thoroughly checked before leaving our premises for delivery.

Faulty construction equipment can result in serious injury. Therefore regular inspections, ongoing training, education and maintaining hire equipment at optimum operational condition are all essential for safety. Regular maintenance also prolongs the life and performance of equipment.


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